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Important Things to Remember when Keeping a Pet in an Apartment


Heritage at Bedford Springs Blog, Bedford, MA  Make your home a comfortable place for you and your pet by making these habits a part of your daily routine.


Heritage at Bedford Springs is proud to be a pet-friendly community here in Bedford, MA. Today, we have some ideas for how you can make the addition to your home easy as you’re making room for a pet in your apartment.


Give them space.

Some animals don’t mind smaller spaces, but others (even if their breed isn’t on our list of restricted breeds) might need more space to roam. Take note of how your pet navigates your home and move furniture so the layout can flow naturally for you both. Move valuables into cupboards, closets, or other enclosed areas your pet doesn’t get into if you’re worried about accidents.


Prioritize health care.

Your animal, just like any other animal, and just like you, needs care for their physical well-being. So take your pet to the veterinarian for a check-up, to address any illnesses or ailments they may be suffering from, to get updated on vaccinations, and even to ask your vet for help with things like brushing your pet’s teeth or other grooming methods.


Make exercise and play a priority.

Even if your pet is a homebody, they need at least some sort of exercise and fun time. Get on and stick to a schedule of play time and exercise time so they can stretch their limbs. A walk around the apartment community or the neighborhood can give them the sunshine and exercise they need to feel refreshed.


Address problems.

House training is possible, even if it seems difficult. Address the “why” of each problem that arises and give your pet healthy alternatives to behaviors that you don’t want in your apartment, such as spraying or scratching, barking, or leaving messes inside. Be persistent and know that even if the whole process of keeping a pet is exhausting, the companionship is worth it.


Complete a training class with your pet, and maintain written proof of the class.


What other things do you keep in mind as you’re making room for a pet in your home? Share your ideas with the rest of us by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! We hope you find these suggestions helpful as you’re adding a pet to your home.