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October Decorating Tips

mugs wrapped in a blanket in front of a roaring fire

Now that the summer has passed, it might be time to change how your Bedford, MA apartment is decorated! Opting for a more cozy theme will allow you to get into the autumn mood. In this week’s Heritage at Bedford Springs Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on how you can decorate your apartment this October.

Decorate for Halloween

Since Halloween is at the end of the month, you can take the opportunity to decorate your apartment for the holiday! You have a variety of spooky decorations to choose from at local craft and grocery stores as well as the option of making your own decorations. We suggest that you decorate your home for the Halloween season so you can get into the spirit of the season. With a decorated apartment, you’ll be able to throw an awesome Halloween party for your friends!

Cozy Up Your Home

Halloween doesn’t last forever, so those decorations will eventually have to come down. You don’t want to take down the decorations and have a barren apartment devoid of any existing decor. Spruce up your home by making it more cozy for the cooler weather.

Blankets and Pillows

Coziness is often associated with comfort, so putting out some extra thick blankets and comfortable pillows will help you generate a more comfortable atmosphere. Not only will these make your home look a little more inviting, but they also have other functions of keeping you comfortable and warm!


Going for a rustic theme can help your home feel a little more cozy. Use some decorative wood pieces or other decorations that incorporate wood. The wood can give your home a country or lodge feel, when done correctly.


Set the mood with some candles (scented and unscented). When the lights are dimmed and the candles are lit, your home will feel a little more relaxed. Invest in some candles with fall scents, like pumpkin spice or smells of sandalwood, to really infuse your home with all things autumn.