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Plants for Your Apartment

Heritage at Bedford Springs Blog, Bedford, MA  Get ready for spring and add beautiful greenery to your apartment by using houseplants in your decor.

Get ready for spring here in Bedford, MA by bringing some greenery into your apartment at Heritage at Bedford Springs this month! Houseplants are great for clearing the air and improving your own well-being, so head to your nearest grocery store or floral shop and try one of these plants. With nine-foot ceilings, your apartment won’t even feel cluttered with them.


Potted Blue Spruce

Whether you want to raise this Colorado blue spruce into a mini winter holiday tree or you simply like the look of it, add this to your balcony to let it get full sunlight, and put a sponge over the drainage hole to keep in the moisture.



You probably recognize this easy-care succulent for its distinct, elongated leaves and the famous healing power of aloe vera. Buy a dish or container that allows the V-shaped plant room to grow to accommodate its 3-feet-high and 3-feet-wide potential. Then set it on a windowsill or area with plenty of sun and water enough to keep its soil moist but moderately dry.


Peace Lily

Southern Living calls the peace lily “the perfect houseplant” because they’re so easy to grow. These plants can be grown virtually anywhere indoors, as long as they have some light. They need water, but careful not to give them too much. A good rule-of-thumb is to water as soon as the soil is dry. These plants are also great at absorbing VOCs — translocating chemicals to their roots and breaking them down.


Hanging Planters

This idea isn’t necessarily tied to a specific plant, but we had to share because it’s a perfect way to creatively add greenery to your place. You can easily hang these pots from your window sill, instead of the usual counter or table space. For this project, you’ll need chalked paint, a paint brush, string, and a terracotta pot (or two or three!). After painting the pot, you can use the tutorial guide to see how to twist and tie the string onto the pots.


What are your favorite plants to create your own indoor garden? Let us know your favorites and any tips you have for keeping them healthy and thriving by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! Good luck, and have fun!